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AcuRite® Access™ with My AcuRite Remote Monitoring

AcuRite Access for My AcuRite Remote Monitoring


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  • AcuRite® Access™ with My AcuRite Remote Monitoring AcuRite® Access™ with My AcuRite Remote Monitoring
  • AcuRite® Access™ with My AcuRite Remote Monitoring AcuRite® Access™ with My AcuRite Remote Monitoring
  • AcuRite® Access™ with My AcuRite Remote Monitoring AcuRite® Access™ with My AcuRite Remote Monitoring
  • AcuRite® Access™ with My AcuRite Remote Monitoring AcuRite® Access™ with My AcuRite Remote Monitoring
  • AcuRite® Access™ with My AcuRite Remote Monitoring AcuRite® Access™ with My AcuRite Remote Monitoring

AcuRite Access for My AcuRite Remote Monitoring

Quick Overview

AcuRite® Access™ connects your environmental monitoring solution to My AcuRite, where you can monitor conditions in and around your home — anywhere, anytime using your smartphone, tablet, or computer. More than monitoring, My AcuRite lets you create custom alerts about changing conditions that need your attention — such as increased mold risk, water leaks, or changing wind and rain conditions outside the home — delivered to you through email and phone alerts.

Model #: 09155M

Availability: In stock



AcuRite® Access™ with My AcuRite Remote Monitoring Features:

  • View your connected AcuRite devices on the intuitive My AcuRite dashboard using your iPhone, Android smartphone, computer, or tablet with the My AcuRite App. Choose either a Light or Dark theme.
  • Create email and phone alerts to notify you when changing conditions need your attention.
  • AcuRite Access connects up to a total of seven (7) compatible AcuRite devices to My AcuRite.
  • Uploads the latest readings from your connected AcuRite devices every 5 minutes.
  • Protect your data even during a power or internet outage, with backup batteries that allow AcuRite Access to continue receiving and storing up to 12 hours of readings; once power or internet is restored, it will upload these readings to My AcuRite.
  • My AcuRite saves 31 days of readings from each of your connected devices, allowing you to identify emerging trends in the locations you are monitoring.
  • With a compatible outdoor AcuRite device, you can share your weather information with Weather Underground using Rapid fire updates.

Includes: AcuRite Access, Ethernet Cable, AC Power Adapter, Quick Start Guide
Warranty: Limited 1 year warranty


AcuRite® Access™ for My AcuRite Remote Monitoring

System RequirementsNetwork router with an available Ethernet port, Internet connection
Power5V power adapter (included); 3 AA alkaline batteries (for backup, not included)
Dimensions2.8-inch Diameter x 4.5-inch Height


AcuRite® Access™ with My AcuRite Remote Monitoring

  1. Great Upgrade; Very Pleased! review by GregoTX on 2/14/2018

    The AcuRite Access product is a fantastic upgrade from the Smart Hub. Signal Strength from my 5-in-1 went from Weak to Strong, and I love how the unit isn't so goofy looking. Installation/upgrading was easy, though it did take some time as the documentation said it would. Looking forward to getting an Atlas to use with it!

  2. My upgrade from SmartHub wasn't nearly as easy as others report. review by Karl on 1/27/2018

    First, after 45 minutes the LED was still flashing red and there was no network activity and my network access hub didn't see it. I re-powered it and almost instantly the blue light was on solid and I saw network activity and its MAC address. After some time I finally saw it on my dashboard but the sensors were red. After about an hour the 5-in-1 went to green, but my wireless temp/humidity sensor was still red and it did not connect after 12 hours. That's when I noticed it was listed a second time, so I added that device and now the "new" device is listed.

    I found I also had to reconnect My AcuRite to WeatherUnderground and now it's working OK. Finally, I appear to have lost all historical data in My AcuRite. (And strangely enough, I wasn't able to use my existing AcuRite account to post this review; I had to create a new one.)

    All-in-all, it seems to be working fine with my sensors and WU now. But upgrade gave me a bad, deja vu feeling from when I had all my Smart Hub problems.

  3. Install and Overview review by MiSal on 1/20/2018

    yep, this is a great replacement over the previous product "AcuRite 09150 AcuLink Internet Bridge". The new Access was easy applied to my account via the MyAcurite Dashboard. Which by the way I love as well. The design of the dashboard is easy to navigate and it works! I went to the settings menu, applied the product mac address and viola, I was up and running.

    The detail I like most is now I am receiving the Wind Gusts data in my Wunderground account, where-as before I was not. This alone makes it worth while for me to have. Plus know (hopefully) in the future this Access unit will be compatible with future product releases, e.i., the Atlas Elite. The frequency of the data to Wunderground is also higher and I am now receiving more data.

    Also having the battery backup is a great added feature as well. This will also prove its worth.

    Kudos to Acurite, now lets getting rolling on the Atlas and get this released!

  4. AcuRite Access, Remote monitoring made easy review by Art on 1/17/2018

    I was selected to help in the beta testing of the new Access and I am very proud to have had a hand in making this a great product.
    Access is easy to install, it found all my sensors with no problems, and I was up and running in minutes.
    The antenna is much more powerful than the Smart Hub of the past. Previously, with my hub, I had trouble getting, and keeping signals from some of my sensors. No more, I now have strong signals from all the sensors.
    The battery backup with the logging of data during a power/internet failure is a new feature that allows the user to never have a gap, (well for 12 hours anyway), in their weather logs.
    The ability for future features via OTA firmware updates will let the Access be state-of-the-art for a long time. This feature was used frequently during the beta test period whenever we had a problem, or suggestion for the design team.
    One observation that should be adhered to: Do not place the Access close to your router, or any other networking device. Place it as far away as possible to prevent interference. I had my test unit too close and had some funky problems until I moved it at least 5 foot away.

    Kudos to the AcuRite design team for bringing to the public an outstanding product and I'm looking forward to a future purchase of the Atlas when it releases very soon.

  5. High build quality for next-generation features review by George on 1/15/2018

    Acurite have taken years of user experiences with the older SmartHUB/AcuLink Bridge hardware to design the new and more robust Acurite Access.

    The design is refined and well thought-out with more horsepower under the hood to support new sensors and features. The new battery back-up and continued logging of data during power and internet outages is a big plus, too.

    I'm looking forward to the new sensors recently shown at CES 2018, like the air quality and noise pollution monitors for the home that Access will support!

  6. Strong antenna review by drew on 1/9/2018

    I just received this upgrade to my old hub. Easy to install and WOW the antenna is much better than the last one. I previously always had problems with some of the sensors in my greenhouse But now they are all registering as a "strong" signal. Great improvement.
    Only minor complaint would be the lack of new features on launch.

  7. Great replacement for the hub review by John K on 1/6/2018

    Replaced my SmartHub with this AcuRite Access and now have excellent signal strength to my station. Getting all data and really like that it has a battery backup.

  8. Access: Looking Good! review by John Z on 1/4/2018

    My beta test observations:

    Installation was straightforward, simple. The "Replace" function in My AcuRite made decomissioning the old hub and launching the Access install easy. Access found all my sensors without a hitch, in situ, no close pairing needed.

    Access connected to my network at 100M full duplex, and played nice there with all my gear.

    The battery backup and data recovery feature, which is new on Access, really proved its worth to me. In my rural location, power or internet go down just too often. Access detects those conditions, and will patch up to 12 hours of data to My AcuRite when the condition clears.

    AcuRite is positioning Access as well prepared to handle new sensors and features in the future. To a couple of us beta testers, that was an invitation to get under the hood and see what is inside. I do not advise doing that, as it will void your warranty and may result in breakage. What we found though is important. Access has been given ample compute and storage resources to enable a good long service life. The processor is much more powerful than on the old hub. The amount of program and data memory has been greatly increased. The Ethernet implementation looks to be rock solid. The overall layout and design is clean and orderly. The new vertical spiral antenna is a big improvement over the hub antenna. All good!

    Adding new function also means that Over-the-Air firmware upgrades will be necessary. During beta test, several such transfers occurred and they all completed flawlessly. It appears that Access has been designed to handle OTA upgrades gracefully and reliably.

    My net: This is a great new product! Congrats to the design team!

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