Since 1943, AcuRite is celebrating 75 years!

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Know Your Environment,
Inside and Out.

Practical Applications.

Practically Limitless.

Air Temperature & Humidity Icon

Temperature & Humidity

Track outdoor climate conditions or monitor indoor comfort.
Prevent Frozen Pipes

Frozen Pipe Prevention

Get notified when temperatures drop past safe pipe temperature levels.
Leak Detection Icon

Water Leak Detection

Instant notification when an appliance leaks, a sump pump fails, or a basement floods.
Water Temperature Icon

Water Temperature

Track pool temperature, ponds, fountains and aquariums.
Rainfall Icon


Know when to water the lawn or garden, or when it's time to shut off the sprinkler.
Wind Speed & Direction Icon

Wind Tracking

Track wind speeds, directional changes and wind gusts.
Weather Forecast Icon

Weather Forecast

Weather measurements at your exact location, to plan your day with confidence.
Soil Temperature Icon

Soil Temperature

Know when the ground thaws to plant your garden at exactly the right time.
My AcuRite - Android Charts
My AcuRite - Custom Alerts

Set Custom Alerts.

Receive an email or phone alert when environmental conditions change and need your attention. Learn More

Wind icon

Wind Gust & Wind Chill

Know when to bring patio furniture inside, take hanging plants down, or grab a warmer coat.
High temperature icon

High & Low Temperature

Get an early warning when conditions exceed an ideal range, so you can take protective action.
Rainfall icon

Rain Alert

Become aware of conditions that could lead to flooding, or when the garden needs watering.
Water leaks icon

Water Leaks

Instant notification of a leaking appliance, failing sump pump, or if your home’s foundation is taking in moisture.
High or low humedity icon

High & Low Humidity

Know when conditions could lead to mold growth, when allergens could flourish, or when possessions could be damaged.
And more icon

And More

There’s practically no limit to the ways you can use My AcuRite alerts to your advantage.

View Historical Data

Charts, graphs, high and low records, and more. All the information you need to make an educated decision. Downloadable for serious number crunching.

Charts & Graphs Icon

Charts & Graphs

Intuitive presentation of data. Recognize trends, and pinpoint times of day when conditions require your attention.
Data File Icon

Data File

Download all your weather data in convenient spreadsheet form.
High & Low Records Icon

High & Low Records

Know if conditions exceed proper ranges, even when you’re not there.
Dynamic Dashboard Icon

Dynamic Dashboard

Compare different values of data, adjust time frames, see how conditions affect each other.
My AcuRite - Android Charts

Location-Specific Weather.

Precision measurement of atmospheric conditions where it matters most; your back yard. Receive vital, reliable information including dew point, moon phase, heat index, wind chill, "feels like" temperatures, trends, and reliable 4, 8, and 12-hour weather forecasts.

Track up to Seven Devices in Multiple Locations.

Multiple Sensors

Monitor all the locations that matter, no matter where you go. My AcuRite empowers you to access not only your back yard weather, but also configure a system that perfectly meets your needs. Basement and attics, the baby's room, wine cellars and humidors, pools, spas, hot tubs, aquariums, server rooms, garages, warehouses, and more. Shop all Sensors

Multiple Locations

If you need to monitor a large property, or monitor multiple properties, simply add AcuRite Accesses and sensors as needed. Each AcuRite Access you add gives you the ability to track up to seven more devices. This makes My AcuRite perfect for vacation homes, small business owners, property managers, condo associations and more.

Know What’s Happening at Home, From Anywhere.

Access conditions from your smartphone, tablet, or browser. Learn more

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